Manage payments with real time data, any time, anywhere


B-Online is a web portal that enables partners and merchants to review card transaction history and settlements. The ability to gatherinformation in real timeis crucial to every business. With access to the reporting information system B-Online, customers will be able to securely access real time data for accounts from any web browser at any hour of the day.

Customers will be able to monitor their business, recent deposits, view chargebacks and fraudulent transactions and export information to a spreadsheet or another format for further analysis.

Enter B-Online

B-Online gives the user access to a range of tasks, including:

  • Processing history
  • Transactions and transactions details
  • Refunding, capturing and cancelling transactions
  • Information on disputes, including chargebacks and fraudulent transactions
  • Recurring payments overview
  • XML service for electronic file sharing

Recurring Transactions  

Automatic recurring payments - Merchants can set up regular billing, subscriptions or credit instalments with the online recurring transactions tools to collect payments automatically.
Electronic payments can be made on a regular basis such as monthly or once a year. It is an ideal way to automatically charge payments to credit cards with a regular interval.

Manual recurring payments - File upload feature, sending out multiple recurring payments in a single payment batch to be processed at our end.

Virtual card number - Tokenization

Card numbers can be converted into virtual card numbers on B-Online or via a web service interface that merchants can store locally and use as a reference in their communications with us. The virtual card number can be used in recurring payments. Minimizes the risk of fraud and makes payments as secure as possible. Lower cost and risk for merchants and meets PCI DSS requirements.


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