Interchange ++

SaltPay’s blended service fee rate includes all fees and charges applied by card issuers, card schemes and SaltPay. This means that a standard fee applies when accepting card payments irrespective of different categories or brands of cards and countries from where the card is issued. With our blended Service Fee, you know exactly what you will be charged and if higher fees are charged, SaltPay absorbs these costs.

 SaltPay also offers its customers unblended service rates. With unblended rates, the different service fees, interchange fees and card scheme fees you are charged are dependent on various factors. These factors include your MCC code and the category of cards, countries from where the card is issued and brand of cards you are accepting. You might therefore see different fees being deducted with every settlement.

The table below explains how the fee from the unblended offering is determined. Please note that the applicable card scheme fee depends on your MCC, the relevant information is available here.

If you want to receive unblended service fee rate, please contact us.


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